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The Socialist Register was founded by Ralph Miliband and John Saville in 1964 as ‘an annual survey of movements and ideas’ from the standpoint of the independent new left. It is currently edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo, assisted by an editorial collective of eminent scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each volume is focused on a topical theme and characterized by the inclusion of relatively long, sustained analyses which cut across intellectual disciplines and geographical boundaries.

The Socialist Register is published annually in October. The complete digital archive of 54 volumes published in English, as well as 3 volumes translated into Spanish, is available here. To order or subscribe now click here.

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Socialist Register 2018: Rethinking Democracy

The antagonism between liberalism and democratic processes is increasingly visible amidst the contradictions of capitalist globalization today. This is seen in authoritarian measures being adopted by so many states, as well as in concepts like post-democracy gaining currency in theoretical and political debate. The 2018 volume of the Socialist Register on Rethinking Democracy was conceived as a companion volume to the 2017 volume on Rethinking Revolution. No revival of socialist politics in the twenty-first century can occur apart from founding radical new democratic institutions and practices.

  • The struggle over actually-existing democracy
  • Women: linking lives with democracy
  • From Hayek to Trump: the logic of neoliberal democracy
  • In fear of populism: referendums and neoliberal democracy
  • Can the Democratic Party really be transformed?
  • The media: bad news, public broadcasting and digital democracy
  • New democratic practices? Mondragon, Barcelona, Kerala, South America
  • The relationship between Marxism, liberalism and radical democracy

The full table of contents and a link to download the preface can be found at the bottom of this page.

For print copies, individuals in the USA can order from Monthly Review Press; in Canada from Fernwood Books; and in the UK and rest of the world from Merlin Press. For online subscription options, to access the complete digital archive of over 850 essays published since 1964, click here

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Vol 54: Socialist Register 2018: Rethinking Democracy

Table of Contents


Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo
Dennis Pilon
Sheila Rowbotham
Martijn Konings
James Foley, Pete Ramand
Adam Hilton
Natalie Fenton, Des Freedman
Tom Mills
Nina Power
Greig Charnock
Sharryn Kasmir
Leandro Vergara-Camus, Cristobal Kay
Michelle Williams
Paul Raekstad
Ian Mckay
Alex Demirović