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The Socialist Register was founded by Ralph Miliband and John Saville in 1964 as ‘an annual survey of movements and ideas’ from the standpoint of the independent new left. It is currently edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo, assisted by an editorial collective of eminent scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each volume is focused on a topical theme and characterized by the inclusion of relatively long, sustained analyses which cut across intellectual disciplines and geographical boundaries.

The Socialist Register is published annually in October. The complete digital archive of 50 volumes published in English, as well as 3 volumes translated into Spanish, is available here. To order or subscribe now click here.

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Socialist Register 2014: Registering Class.

The 50th volume of the Socialist Register is dedicated to the theme of ‘registering class’ in light of the spread and deepening of capitalist social relations around the globe. Today’s economic crisis has been deployed to extend the class struggle from above while many resistances have been explicitly cast in terms of class struggles from below. This volume addresses how capitalist classes are reorganizing as well as the structure and composition of working classes in the 21st century:

• The Walmart working class and the precarious proletariat;
• Class and labour in digital capitalism;
• The new configuration of the capitalist classes;
• Dissecting capital’s national and transnational dimensions;
• Brazil’s new capitalism: state sponsorship and popular protest;
• Unions, cities and left strategies;
• Class analysis from the Communist Manifesto to Post-colonialism;
• The legacy of The Socialist Register.

The full table of contents and a link to download the preface can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Vol 50: Socialist Register 2014: Registering Class

Table of Contents


Socialist Register 2014 Preface PDF
Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo, Vivek Chibber
The Walmart working class
Arun Gupta
Reconsiderations of class: Precariousness as proletarianization
Bryan Palmer
Capitalism, class and universalism: Escaping the cul-de-sac of postcolonial theory
Vivek Chibber
The underpinnings of class in the digital age: Living, labour and value
Ursula Huws
The British ruling class
Colin Leys
The new configuration of the capitalist class
Claude Serfati
Whither the transnational capitalist class?
William Carroll
The European capitalist class and the crisis of its hegemonic project
Bastiaan van Apeldoorn
Brazil’s new imperial capitalism
Virginia Fontes, Ana Garcia
Mass protests: Brazilian spring or Brazilian malaise?
Alfredo Saad-Filho, Lecio Morais
Beyond the labour of sisyphus: Unions and the city
Ian MacDonald
Left unity or class unity? Working-class politics in Britain
Andrew Murray
Rethinking class: The lineage of the Socialist Register
Madeleine Davis
Registering class and politics: Fifty years of the Socialist Register
Leo Panitch

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