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The Socialist Register was founded by Ralph Miliband and John Saville in 1964 as ‘an annual survey of movements and ideas’ from the standpoint of the independent new left. It is currently edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo, assisted by an editorial collective of eminent scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each volume is focused on a topical theme and characterized by the inclusion of relatively long, sustained analyses which cut across intellectual disciplines and geographical boundaries.

The Socialist Register is published annually in October. The complete digital archive of 51 volumes published in English, as well as 3 volumes translated into Spanish, is available here. To order or subscribe now click here.

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Socialist Register 2015: Transforming Classes

This 51st annual Socialist Register completes the investigation of class formation and class strategies on a global scale begun with last year’s volume. Deploying an understanding of class as an historical social process -- rather than an abstract sociological category or statistical artifact -- the essays here investigate the concrete ways that working classes are being made and remade in the struggles against neoliberalism, austerity and authoritarian governments. Taking stock of the changing balance of class forces as well as old and new forms of workplace, household and political organization, they uncover the class strategies being debated and adapted in different zones of the world:

• The restructuring of class relations in key emerging zones of capitalism, including India, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil and Chile;
• The capitalist transformation of classes in China under the ruling Communist Party;
• European trade union solidarity in the eurozone crisis;
• Labour and the left in the USA;
• The crisis of the ‘new middle class’ in financialized capitalism;
• Hollywood’s anxieties for the American Dream;
• The Olympic ruling class yesterday and today;
• Rethinking class analysis through the prism of labour migration and social reproduction;
• The importance of class theory, class discourse and class politics for the 21st century.

The full table of contents and a link to download the preface can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Vol 51: Socialist Register 2015: Transforming Classes

Table of Contents


Socialist Register 2015 Preface PDF
Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo
Precarious Migrants: Gender, Race and the Social Reproduction of a Global Working Class
Susan Ferguson, David McNally
The Language of Class in China
Lin Chun
India’s Landmark Election
Achin Vanaik
Bringing Class Back In: Informality in Bangalore
Supriya RoyChowdhury
NUMSA, the Working Class and Socialist Politics in South Africa
Sam Ashman, Nicolas Pons-Vignon
From Gezi Resistance To Soma Massacre: Capital Accumulation and Class Struggle in Turkey
Fuat Ercan, Sebnem Oguz
The Egyptian Workers’ Movement Before and After the 2011 Popular Uprising
Joel Beinin, Marie Duboc
Transnational Solidarity? The European Working Class in the Eurozone Crisis
Andreas Bieler, Roland Erne
The New Morphology of the Working Class in Contemporary Brazil
Ricardo Antunes
Class Transformations in Chile’s Capitalist Revolution
Timothy David Clark
The Olympic Ruling Class
George Wright
The Middle Class in Hollywood: Anxieties of the American Dream
John Mccullough
What Has Become of the Professional Managerial Class?
Randy Martin
Class Theory And Class Politics Today
Hugo Radice
The Politics of US Labour: Paralysis and Possibilities
Kim Moody, Charles Post
Forging New Class Solidarities: Organizing Hospital Workers
Jane McAlevey
New Working-Class Organization and the Social Movement Left
Steve Williams, Rishi Awatramani
The Crisis of Labour and the Left in the United States
Mark Dudzic, Adolph Reed



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