Video of the Toronto Launch of SR 2017

Video of the the Toronto launch of the new volume, Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution, is now available at the Socialist Project website. A panel discussion 'One Century After "Red October"' featured Sam Gindin, Bryan Palmer, Leo Panitch and Joan Sangster, and was chaired by Greg Albo. Watch the video here.  
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Reviews of SR


Read some recent reviews of Socialist Register volumes: of SR 2017 in Midwest Book Review, Chartist and Socialist Review; of SR 2016 in Race & Class, Counterfire, People's World and The Spokesman; of SR 2015 in International Socialism and Counterfire; of SR 2014 in International Socialist Review, International Socialism, The Spokesman, as well as at Counterfire (part 1 and part 2); of SR 2013 at Counterfire as well as in The Spokesman, Red Pepper, Against the Current and the Swedish journal, Arena; of SR 2012 in The Caravan, The Spokesman and Marx & Philosophy Review of Books; of both SR 2012 and SR 2011 in Teoria politica; of SR 2011 in Labour/Le Travail, Economic & Political Weekly, The Spokesman, Permanent Revolution, and IndoProgress (translated into English here); and of SR 2010 in Red Pepper and The Spokesman.

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