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Read some recent reviews of Socialist Register volumes: of SR 2014 in The Spokesman; of SR 2013 at Counterfire as well as in The Spokesman, Red Pepper, Against the Current and the Swedish journal, Arena; of SR 2012 in The Caravan, The Spokesman and Marx & Philosophy Review of Books; of both SR 2012 and SR 2011 in Teoria politica; of SR 2011 in Labour/Le Travail, Economic & Political Weekly, The Spokesman, Permanent Revolution, and IndoProgress (translated into English here); and of SR 2010 in Red Pepper and The Spokesman.

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Response to Andrew Murray

Dave Kellaway has responded to Andrew Murray's essay on Left Unity in SR 2013. You can read Kellaway's 'Left Unity can build an alternative to Labour' here.  
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John Saul's essay in SR 2013 on Nelson Mandela

John's Saul essay in Socialist Register 2013, covering the legacy of Mandela and the path of the South Africa's revolution, has now been made free for all to read. Read it here.  
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Debate stirred by SR 2013

Mimmo Porcaro's "Occupy Lenin" in SR 2013 has stirred a lively debate published in the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's LuXemburg and in The Bullet. See the responses by Mario Candeias here, Jan Rehmann here and John Milios and Haris Triandafilidou here. Porcaro replies to his critics here.  
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