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The Socialist Register was founded by Ralph Miliband and John Saville in 1964 as ‘an annual survey of movements and ideas’ from the standpoint of the independent new left. It is currently edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo, assisted by an editorial collective of eminent scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each volume is focused on a topical theme and characterized by the inclusion of relatively long, sustained analyses which cut across intellectual disciplines and geographical boundaries.

The Socialist Register is published annually in October. The complete digital archive of 53 volumes published in English, as well as 3 volumes translated into Spanish, is available here. To order or subscribe now click here.

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Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution

One hundred years ago ‘October 1917’ was a unique event inspiring socialists and oppressed peoples and it became an inevitable point of reference for 20th century politics. Today the left needs both to come to terms with this legacy and to transcend it, through a critical reappraisal of its broad effects – positive and negative – on political, intellectual and cultural life, considering also new revolutions after 1917.

The main point of the volume is to look forward. Nowadays, when major reform seems as unlikely as revolution, it is necessary to rethink the relationship between capitalist crises and both revolution and reform. Change needs to be understood in relation to the distinct trajectories of radical politics in different regions.

 Contributors will consider and explore many issues: 

  • Alternatives to neoliberal capitalism:  socialist strategies, or detours? 
  • The immense ecological challenge for revolutionary politics.
  • What is the salience today of the concept of the revolutionary party?
  • Questioning agency – of the working class and other oppressed groups.
  • Revolutionary vision, including its artistic expression, in the 21st century.
  • Assessing left governments, from Venezuela to Greece.
  • Analyzing revolutionary prospects, from Québec to South Africa.
  • The significance of Sanders and Corbyn for radicalizing movements and parties.
  • The legacy – positive and negative – of the Russian and Chinese revolutions.

The full table of contents and a link to download the preface can be found at the bottom of this page.

For print copies, individuals in the USA can order from Monthly Review Press; in Canada from Fernwood Books; and in the UK and rest of the world from Merlin Press. For online subscription options, to access the complete digital archive of over 800 essays published since 1964, click here


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Bill Fletcher on right-wing populism in the US

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Vol 53: Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution

Table of Contents


Leo Panitch, Gregory Albo
Bryan D. Palmer, Joan Sangster
Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin
Jodi Dean
Hilary Wainwright
Fabien Escalona
Andreas Malm
David Schwartzman
Patrick Bond
Robert Cavooris
Steve Striffler
Pierre Beaudet
August H. Nimtz
A W Zurbrugg
Wang Hui
Adolph Reed
Walter Benn Michaels
Slavoj Zizek
Leo Panitch